Elevator Shoes Reviews

Elevator Shoes Reviews

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If you take a look around the web, you’ll get stuck into loads of shoes specifically designed to increase your height. The question is… Are those shoes comfortable? Can I wear them all day long without wrecking my ankles and back? Do they look good or everyone will notice you’re wearing them just to be […]

height calculator predictor how tall will i be

Height Calculator – Growth Predictor

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If you’re frequently asking yourself the question “How tall will I be?“, you’ll probably already know that the answer lays in your genetics. That answer depends on several factors, like your weight and height at a certain age, your parents stature and, of course, your gender. We found a height calculator, which gives the most […]

Tall Woman, Short Man

Tall Woman, Short Man – Dating Tips

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Are you going to hang out with a girl who’s taller than you? Then you should acknowledge some tips and tricks not to look like you’re mother and son! You have to do your best in order to look like the man in the couple, and we’re gonna learn all the secrets about it with […]

Increase Height After 21 get taller longer bones

Increase Height After 21

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If you’re 21, there’s still some possibility to increase your height by catalyzing your natural growth process. Besides that, you have a whole range of opportunities of “static” stature boosting. By saying Static, I mean those ways you can apply even when your growth process stopped. Well, to sum it up it’s really easy for […]

Make Yourself Taller Inversion Table increase height

Inversion Table: Make yourself taller in a day!

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Have you ever heard about inversion tables? It’s a powerful instrument which can be used for a whole variety of purposes. It can bring relief to your back pain, help your muscles stretch after a long day of work or training, and even increase your height! Let’s learn all the pros and cons of the […]

Short Stature Remedies get taller increase height

Short Stature Remedies

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If you’re short, don’t worry, as you’re in good and big company. Almost 30% of world population can be defined “short” according to its definition (having a stature at least 10% lower than average). Besides that, if you work hard and apply a couple of tricks, it’s possible to get taller easily, up to 5 […]

Leg Lengthening Surgery with Lazarov Fixator

Get Longer Legs – Leg Lengthening Surgery

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If you’re affected by dwarfism and your short stature gives you problems like impossibility to perform daily actions, this solution fits you perfectly. If you’re just aiming for extra height and have lots of money and willpower, this may be for you too, but be ready for a painful and long trial. I’m talking about […]

Glutamine for Height Increase get taller grow

Glutamine for Height Increase

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Glutamine is one of the most popular supplements among short people willing to get taller. The question is.. Is there a scientific support linking this amino acid supplementation and an increase in stature? Let’s find out if Glutamine for height increase it’s a truth or a myth!

Increase Your Height Instantly get taller

Increase Your Height Instantly

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You’re not tall enough? You need an extra boost? You just don’t have to worry, because there are plenty of methods to increase your height instantly! Yeah, I mean in no time! Well, to be honest it’ll take you just the time to bring in action a couple of easy tricks!

calves stretches to get taller

Legs Stretches To Get Taller

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Legs are our most important body parts. Why I say so? Well, firstly they’re what connects us to the ground. What’s more, any force or structural imbalance located here, automatically transfers and amplifies onto the upper districts. So, leg stretching is fundamental and should be done constantly. Let’s learn everything about legs stretches to get […]